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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Vivienne's First Birthday!

We celebrated Vivienne's first birthday on Saturday, so I decided to hold on to post for Friday Photography Blog. So, here is a late edition of the FPB... The weather was perfect, the company was even better. I thank my good friend Burhan for insisting on taking my camera and taking a few pictures. Other friends took great pictures too, and I can't wait to put everything together and share with everyone but this is about the way I see it anyways.

Let's start with the ones Burhan took. This is the little munchkin with her daddy and her mommy before stuffing her mouth with cake and dirt.

Mommy helping Vivienne eat her cake.

Vivienne in daddy's arms right before he cleaned her face...

Let's meet Uncle Burhan.

Brenden is one of the newest additions to Vivienne's entourage.

Donovan and Vivienne go way back... They hang out whenever Daddy and Mommy hangs out with Andrea and Michael.

VivoşMinnoş with Uncle Cem and Uncle Asaf.

As I mentioned, the weather couldn't be better, which in turn helped the turn out. This is after it kind of died down! Thank you all for coming and spending time with the Hanci Family!

Vivi chilling with the girls.

It was great to see old friends. Here's Evren goofing around while his wife Veronica is hanging out with Vivi.

Overall, it was a fantastic day with tons of smiling face, a lot of babies and a lot of kids, great food, great weather and amazing company...

Vivoş was excited about all the generous gifts she received. Here she is, playing with a couple of them... The cart is something that she loves, she plays with it constantly at tot time, now she can practice her walking!

The xylophone on the other hand, well, she might need more time with that.

And, as you could imagine, after all that partying and playing, a princess needs her rest... Preferably on mommy.

For all friends and family who made it, who send notes, who called, and those who didn't do anything this weekend but been there for us, thank you. We all feel blessed for having you in our lives.

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  1. Ya'll are so very lucky! Happy Birthday to the sweet sweet miracle that was born on the very special day of freedom for our beloved departed! Love you!