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Friday, February 17, 2012

Vivienne And Her Friends

It's been a little while since I dedicated a Friday Photography Blog to my daughter, so here it goes. Before I get to VivoşMinnoş and her friends, here are couple of pictures my wife took. I have to tell you that I will be training her to shoot with me as she has a keen eye for creative shots and a talent to use the camera...

My wife takes Vivienne to Tot Time that was recommended by a great friend of ours. Vivienne hangs out there with our friends' son David and many other kids. One morning, I made time and went there with them in order to snap a few pictures. I came to find out that one particular area of the basketball court where they set up the tot time playground has excellent lighting.

Here is an "Aawwwww!" moment when David not only shared his snack with my daughter, but he actually fed her.

I did take the pictures of a few other kids as well. I had to document this little guy. He was so proud of his Spider-Man costume!

And there was this little cutie who was playing with a fireman's hat...

And my little baby girl watching and observing everything that is going on around her.

Let's finish it up with a shot of Vivi with Uncle Rooben. She was interested in making a lot of noise using that drum.

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