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Friday, November 18, 2011

Thank you!

Last week, I celebrated my birthday with a little party my wife threw for me in the restaurant we met 15 years ago. Our friends came, some met Vivienne for the first time and we had a great time.
I am not someone who looks forward to gifts. I don't expect them. I don't give them when people expect them either. Unbeknownst to me however, my wife had been preparing a very big surprise for my birthday. Not only did she choose the most perfect gift (something I actually wanted and more importantly needed) for me with the help of my photographer friends (you know who you are); my friends actually contributed to this gift.
And as I mentioned, this was the most perfect (and the most expensive!!!) gift I have ever received.
Thanks go to my lovely wife who always keeps amazing me and to my lovely friends who have always shown their support by following this blog, by encouraging me with their positive words, by challenging me with new projects and now by contributing in my career by getting me this amazing lens.
And although I have already used the lens for a portrait session, I will share photographs taken with this beauty in the future blogs... Thank you!

70-200mm zoom lens with a 2.8 f stop... Fast, convenient and useful for all kinds of events, weddings,sports etc.

The lens has the Vibration Reduction Image Stabilization technology, which detects vertical and horizontal movement and offsets it by initiating compensating motion. Once the "active mode" is chosen the camera will disregard the panning motion information so you can shoot the sports events :D How awesome is that!

Thank you again for this awesome toy and business tool! :D


  1. hope you get to photograph the most amazing days of Vivienne and your beautiful wife with this camera :) happy birthday, sorry i couldn't be there to celebrate :(

  2. She's a beauty! Enjoy the lens and please post some gorgeous pics!