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Friday, June 10, 2011

Suzie & Ryan Tied the Knot(s)... Literally.

Last week I had the privilege to photograph a lovely wedding in Calamigos Equestrian Center. Let's get some of the detail shots out of the way first :o)

I really love the untouched seating cards. There is something in them that announces the festivities that are about to begin.

Suzie and Ryan had the great idea of offering jelly beans to their guests. If there is one candy I couldn't do without, it would be jelly beans. No, I did not steal any.

Well, I hung out with the boys before the ceremony, and it was a bunch full of life and fun. I had a blast with them. Now, meet Ryan in his great tux.

We had a really fun session outside, all of the guys were game and that made my job easier and much more fun! Here are couple of pictures from the outside session.

The ceremony was incredibly emotional. This lovely couple wrote their vows in such a way, that there were many tears of joy and love shed. After hearing his soon-to-be-wife Suzie's vows, and right before reading his, Ryan had to try very hard to compose himself in front of 100+ people. I am glad and proud to tell you that he managed. Although he did not hold back his tears while stating his vows.

Here are all the knots being tied!

Those of you who follow this blog regularly know that I have a crazy obsession with the fish eye lens. As you have seen the first example above (the black and white photography of the boys), I did bring it with me, and I used it freely and excessively! Here are some of the chosen ones for your viewing pleasure!

Now that I got that out of my system, let's get back to our couple, shall we? I just love this shot...

Well, the first dance as husband and wife.... I have to be honest, I have been in many weddings as a professional photographer and as a guest. It is seldom I see this kind of love. These two love birds couldn't take their eyes from each other. You could feel their love in the air. When they started the dance, I could see in their faces and in their eyes how the entire room and its occupants disappeared for them... They were alone there, totally lost in each other's mind, body and soul. The connection of these souls was almost palpable.

Then, inevitably, other people started dancing. Some were dancing great, some were dancing calmly and some... Well, some were dancing in such an attention-grabbing way that the couple got distracted from the trance-like connection and started watching their friends.

The cake... I always try to get a cake picture that is not totally revealing the entire thing... I like the teaser of a picture for cakes... I don't know why. I of course do take the entire thing, the cutting moment, the kiss etc. for the client. But for me, this is it.

Another positive note about this was the crowd. Unpretentious, natural, down-to-earth and FUN. They were also incredibly kid-friendly. Kids were everywhere jumping around, dancing the night away. They brought a whole new level of dynamism to this lovely night. I love this picture. For some reason, it reminds me of Mick Jagger. Don't ask!

Let's finish it up with the very necessary shot of every wedding: the bouquet toss... I look forward to catch up with you next week. Don't be shy, comment, email, call... :o)


  1. Awesome work bro!..
    I loved them (again!)...
    I prefer the last one without the strong flash though...
    But I admire your work, keep it up!
    You are right about Mick Jagger!

  2. Minik paragraflarla desteklenen, tatlı hikayeleri olan, seçkin fotoğraflar; sanırım blogunu bu yüzden seviyorum. Eline sağlık. Bittim, bakmaya doyamadım, yine...

  3. Such a wonderfully visualized captured and told love story. Couldn't help the few teardrops in my eyes..Wishing the newly wed couple an everlasting love and all the happiness of the world !

    Müthiş ! Bu çift ve gelecekteki çocukları için paha biçilmez bir hazine yaratmışsınız. Bir fotodestan...
    Olay bakmasını bilmekte yatıyor bir de galiba bu kalemin kuvvetli olma olayı sizde ailede var...alkışlıyorum !

    Isil Karakadioglu Gurcan.


  5. Nice work! I see you were in my old hood. hahaha Or should I say my old home away from home, Calamigos Equestrian. :) Gorgeous stuff! Keep them coming.