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Sunday, June 19, 2011

A Father's Day Special

A quick one this week, celebrating all the deserving fathers' special day. Here is to my father who has always been there for me, who never ceased to support me even if at times I didn't understand his choices of ways to do this. He is still behind me encouraging me, and chaallenging me to better myself everyday.

Sağol Baba! İyi ki varsın :o)

The below picture was taken in 1962 by my father's father whom I have never had the chance to meet.

I took this one in Malibu when he came to visit us a few years back.

And this year, as most of you know I became a father myself... And, of course, my father came to meet his grand-daughter.

The proud grand-pa watching Fenerbahçe marching to its championship with his grand-daughter before he took the plane back to Istanbul! :o)


  1. Aman da aman Vivienne Minnoş da Fenerbahçeli olmuş :o=>)

  2. Miniciğin çolaplalı kommacan geeemiş... Lokumu bol bol öpün benim yerime....