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Friday, February 26, 2010

Costa Rica Chapter 3 - Arenal / La Fortuna

We had a horseback riding trip around the lake from Monteverde to La Fortuna. Our car was driven to our destination, and as a first time rider, I did well, though I figured very quickly that it wasn't easy for me to take pictures while riding a horse. This is one of the gorgeous landscapes we have witnessed. Costa Rica's country side is absolutely gorgeous.
At the end of our horse-ride trip, we took a boat that brought us to the other side of the lake and this short distance traveled revealed the grandeur of the Arenal Volcano.
We stayed in two different hotels in La Fortuna. The first night was very calm, we went to bed pretty early and I woke up around 530, got out of the cabin, set and literally waited for the daybreak. Right after the dawn, a horse started running towards me, came close to the cabin and passed right in front of me, still running. It was a magical moment. It reminded me the dream scene in Blade Runner. I went in, grabbed my camera and shot the following two pics...
The following pictures are from the second hotel we stayed in. The view was awesome, our neighbors were fascinating. Dave and Gabby were absolutely genial and fabulous. Full of stories, and an impeccable way of telling them!
Next week, I will post the last chapter of Costa Rica.

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