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Thursday, January 14, 2010

A Lovely Day in January

On a beautiful California day, following a work schedule that kept me busy for 15 consecutive days, I had an incredibly light work load... So I decided to drive towards the beach and see where I would end up. Well, I ended up in Ventura County, a little north of Malibu and decided to hike to the highest point of the Santa Monica mountains, The Sandstone Peak, also known as Mt. Allen.

After a 1.5 mile up-hill hike, I reached the highest point at 3111ft (948m). It was incredibly windy and very cold. But the view was great. I have been in this spot before, years ago and I was happy to be back on such a clear day.

The below picture: Yes, it is reading the true North and by North-East, you see a frozen photographer.

After the hike, I drove down on the same windy road (Yerba Buena) to PCH. On the corner of Yerba Buena and PCH, there is a lovely spot called Neptune's Net. They serve great seafood and ice-cold beer.... So, I got me-self a nice 1554 by the New Belgium brewing company who also brews Fat Tire.  I love to try new beers and i was happy to find this one.  1554 was great, a dark, dry and crisp taste with a heavier finish.

I took PCH all the way south to Santa Monica and stopped there for a few night pictures including the gorgeous Georgian Hotel.

If you were in or around Los Angeles, I hope you enjoyed the weather as much as I did today!
See you next week.


  1. nice journey, great photos, i missed LA.. :(

  2. Kerem, the photo with the star/compass monument and the sun is spectacular. I love the diagonal line of the monument, the line of the dark mountains, and the ocean horizon all meeting up in the center left of the photo. It really draws the eye's attention. And the way you made the sun look like a star, how you caught those rays of light, is really breathtaking in how it plays off its metallic counterpart. Beautiful!!

  3. Kerem all of this stuff is just beautiful! Really great work.