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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Razor Holiday Party

Razor Holiday Party

I shot a corporate Holiday party last week and the venue was wisely chosen as the Long Beach Aquarium!  The employees mingled with cocktails on hand before the dinner, which took place under the Blue Whale.  They had the chance to observe many different sea creatures while enjoying the lovely night.  Live music and a Vegas style casino action was also included.

I was fascinated with these spider crabs!  They are huge, they move slowly and every single move of theirs is intimidating!

More creatures for you!

The dinner tables were decorated with beautiful hand-made wreaths using fresh pine foliage.

The menu had a minimal amount of seafood!

The stage was right in front of a beautiful tall aquarium.

At the end of the night, there was a raffle. Everyone who was invited had a chance to win one or all of the first three gifts... The rest of the gifts were for employees only, and it was by drawing of employees names... For the first three gifts raffle, the organizer came up with a brilliant idea: every guest would get casino chips and would play and they would either win or lose, but at the end they would exchange whatever chips they have left for raffle tickets! The casino action was hot!

This original location witnessed a fun night for everyone involved. The executives of Razor and the organizer awarded all of the employees whose names were not drawn during the raffle by giving them a gift card each! Click to learn more about Razor.

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  1. kwel never knew you had all that talent.....great pic'ts love The Mac