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Thursday, December 10, 2009

A Lazy Winter Blog

Well, calling this lazy is not really fair to this blogger.  I have been busy with work in several areas and although had a few things lined up for this week's blog, I couldn't really pull it off.
However, inspired by the lovely cold weather that hit Los Angeles and the fact that I had to endure that cold very early in the morning several times this week (Wednesday morning it was around 35F), I decided to share with you a blast from the past.
This picture was taken in the winter of 1998 in Asheboro, NC.  A few days before I got married in Asheville, NC.  The landscape of frozen trees is still in front of me and this picture of the tip of a tree branch in front of the house of my Mother-in-Law sums it up pretty clearly.

Next week, Los Angeles goes Metro! Stay tuned! ;o)

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