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Friday, June 26, 2015

Maria & Ben Tied The Knot

Maria and Ben got married in a traditional Catholic ceremony followed by a lovely reception.  We were also able to capture their bridal party portraits at dusk, right before we headed to the reception venue...

The bride's shoes with The San Gaabriel Mountains as the backdropThe reflection of the wedding dress

A classic shot requested by the bride.

Jennifer was behind the lens for the following photograph... The way she put Ben at ease and she captured him in such a natural way is priceless.

The groom is ready and is all smiles!

Another favorite shot of mine by Jennifer.  A long story could be written about these two girls... Fictional or not.

The backlight adds an incredibly dramatic ambiance to this photograph of the two flower girls.

Most of the good looking wedding party are laughing at my silly jokes...

They are all smiles because of the silly photographer

One thing we love to do is to capture the moment from different angles even when we are directing our couple to pose.  While one of us is taking the photographs from the classic angle, directing the couple to achieve the shot, the other would take the candids.

The groom helps his bride with her gown's train.

The bouquet, right before the bride tossed it...

The bride is about to toss the bouquet!

Everybody on the dance floor!

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