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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Vivienne Does Disneyland

Well, that day came... That day that I was not nearly as excited as my daughter... Not even close.

But I was extremely excited to see her there.  To see the first reaction of this lovely soul to what an incredibly well calculated and ridiculously well planned amusement park...  I was extremely excited that I was going to be able to witness my daughter's excitement.

Well, Kimmy greeted us with a gift for Vivienne and the way my daughter accepted the little Minnie doll was a sign of what to expect.

Vivienne meets a little doll version of Minnie Mouse during her first visit to Disneyland.

Here she is, playing it cool, not showing her excitement....

Vivienne posed with her new friend Minnie Mouse in front of the Disneyland entrance.

We were meeting some friends, so while we were waiting for them, Vivienne's imagination got into overdrive.  Here she is, waiting for the doctor's appointment because Minnie was sick...
Vivienne took Minnie to the doctor as soon as she realized Minnie was not feeling well.

Vivienne was so excited meeting all the characters.  We were able to meet Pluto, Minnie, Chipmunks officially.  We did bumped into Mickey, but it seemed like he was off the clock as he was rushing while waving around.  Or maybe he had to go to the bathroom...

Pluto was also the one who bid farewell to Vivienne right before we leave Disneyland

Minnie Mouse hugging Vivienne

The following was worth seeing.  This is exactly what I was talking introducing this blog post.  Vivienne was so ridiculously excited to meet the chipmunks, it was adorable.  And, kudos to the actors in those costumes who made my daughter feel oh-so-special by pretending they couldn't share her and fight for her.

Vivienne was so excited waiting in line to hug the Chipmunks...

Vivienne was so happy to see the Chipmunks not being able to share her hugs!

Anyways... My daughter was also dying to meet Cinderella... However, because there was a Halloween Party at night that required a separate ticket (because everyone knows Disney is not making any money), Cinderella went to her Castle to change.  A young girl, who was there for the night's party in her Cinderella costume was nice enough to pretend she was the one and hugged my daughter.  I do have pictures, but no release forms and this is Cali, so you never know. Out of respect for her and out of fear of getting sued, I am not posting those photographs.

Vivienne's first ever Disney ride was Dumbo....

This ridiculous scene became somewhat standard after each ride....

Small World with gram...

 ...and mommy...

...and scene.

Who is taking who, where?

Although the only reason why I set foot to Disneyland was to enjoy my daughter's excitement, it was a fun day and I am grateful for it.  I am sure she will drag me back to it again and again.

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