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Friday, September 27, 2013

DJs Doing Acoustic Shows... What?!

Let me state right away that this is not a sponsored blog.  I am not associated with the venues, promoters or artists mentioned in this blog post.  It is coming from my passion for music.

A few years ago, I shot an event at Vanguard when this locale was used by Giant and it was one of the most popular clubs in Los Angeles.  The venue had a state of the art sound and light system, and in its glory saw many big DJ/Producers tearing up the roof while the audience was bouncing on the dance floor.

Above & Beyond are performing two acoustic concerts at the Greek Theater with Zoë Johnston.  This is a passionate blog about the trio.

Well, Above & Beyond will be at the Greek Theater with a full band.  In a couple of weeks.  If you are a fan, you probably already know it.  The tickets may already be sold out, but check it out if you like this kind of things...  The sample track on their website reminds me of the early Zero 7. And if you would like to hear the electronic version of that song (Love Is Not Enough), you can watch the video below.

And here is a video of the original DJ trio along with the singer Zoë Johnston and Pete Tong of BBC 1 having an acoustic set with a couple of lucky fans in a hot air balloon.


Yes. A Hot air balloon.

Pretty cool.  See you next week.

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