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Friday, April 19, 2013

A Naturally Backlit Engagement Shoot

When Amy contacted me for an Engagement shoot and talked about taking photographs on the beach during Sunset, I wished for clouds.

My wish came through and we had heavy rain for a few weeks and we had to postpone the shoot several times.

In the morning of the actual day of shoot, it was raining in Los Angeles and we almost postponed it once again. But, in the afternoon, when the California sun showed her gorgeous face with the help of the heavy wind, we kept the scheduled shoot on time and headed to Venice Beach.

Are we glad we did!

Sunset on Venice Beach, Engagement Session, Contre-Jour

The sunset was absolutely stunning.

Sunset on Venice Beach, Engagement Session

Using the sunset and the thick and heavy clouds, I took the liberty to create an atmosphere that reminds me of films like La Jetée (I know it's a dark story, but visually it's stunning) but more of the video of the hit Noir Desir song "Le Vent Nous Portera". OK... The video appears to be dark too but the end of it (and the lyrics) are full of "life" in my humble opinion...

Anyways! Back to the lovely couple...

Love at Sunset on Venice Beach

I almost wanted to shoot the entire thing en silhouette (which would effectively cause the end my life in the hands of Amy).

Fun couple's Contre-Jour Engagement Shoot at Sunset on Venice Beach

I would like to share a few more with you...

A shining kiss

Rising lovers with the Sunset behind them

Venice Beach Engagement Shoot on Sunset

Sun shines on this couple on Venice Beach

 See you next week!


  1. Karem, you are an Artiste! We had such a wonderful time and could not be more pleased with your work.