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Friday, March 8, 2013

KHP's "New" Talented Member

As promised last week, a few photographs from Vivienne's birthday.... Although, the subject of the blog is a bit different.

Look at the photograph below...

I love this picture!  It was taken in November of 2004 in New Orleans...  With a keen eye for original and attractive compositions, my wife Jennifer has been taking photograph for a long time now.  Last week, on Vivienne's birthday, Jen snapped tons of pictures and proved to be a fantastically talented photographer.

She does think out of the frame... err... out of the box.

She has no problems with having a puppy's wet nose covering the front half of the frame to be out of focus...

She is not afraid of laying down on wet grass to get a great shot!

She knows to be at the right place at the right time...

And she can tell stories with only one frame...

I am happy to officially announce that she is now a more-than-ever active photographer at Kerem Hanci Photography.  Welcome to where you always were canım!

(That way I hope she'll stop bossing me around and take some pictures!)

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