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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Loren and Aaron's Wedding

I have another photograph-heavy wedding blog for you this week. I had the pleasure to spend last week's rainy Saturday night with a lovely couple and their friends and family.
When Loren told me that the wedding was going to be at the old Campanile restaurant I got excited for a couple of reasons: first, it was ridiculously close to where I live compared to the usual hour+ drives, second it was a challenging location and a gorgeous building, right next to La Brea Bakery.
As the locale was in transition between two restaurants (different owners, different chefs, different designs), the lighting provided certain challenges to push me to get creative and to use many different settings. The following are samples of different white balance, aperture, f-stop settings. I kept the ISO at 800 for the most part, but the rest had to fluctuate. One could keep the setting same with flash being constantly on, but that is definitely not my story-telling style, and quite honestly, this is more fun, more creative and way more diverse!
It's about time we meet Loren and Aaron, right?
This was such an intimate wedding. There were no dancing, no bouquet toss. It was just like a big hang out. The energy of the room was just warm and pleasant and inviting. I really enjoyed the company of the people present.
The sister of the groom sang a beautiful song for the couple.
Then came the incredibly animated (father of the bride), emotional (sister of the bride) and passionate (best man) speeches and toastes...
Then, as usual, I went nuts on the cake.
Loren and Aaron, thank you for the opportunity to document your wonderful night! I wish you a happy, healthy and properous life with one-another!

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