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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Burçin & Shai's Engagment Session Part I

As part of my job, I meet many couples, and I get to spend some time with them and usually it is on their most important day!
And time to time, I spend an extra day way with them for an engagement session. It is during these professional encounters that I get the luck to meet beautiful people like Burçin and Shai and start friendships... Fun, open-minded and creative, they are also incredibly easy on the eyes.
I spent a little less than hour with Burçin and Shai last week to shoot the first part of their engagement session. We met a few weeks earlier and planned the entire thing and I truly look forward to the second leg of this creative process.
As you can see, the first leg of this project is a taditional approach. It is the second leg that I'm gonna let these two loose and will share the outcome after their wedding day.
So, see you soon... Precioouusssssssssssss.....

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