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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Brittany & Brad

Well, 'tis the season!
Not that season! I'm talking about the wedding season... Love is in the air, parties everywhere...
Before tying the knot and get into partying though, usually couples do get engaged. And I had the pleasure of spending a lovely afternoon in Point Dume, Malibu with this lovely couple for their engagement session.
Meet Brittany and Brad...

Well, during the shoot I thought I had something on my face because these two were incessantly laughing... Than I stepped out of my self-centered world and stepped in theirs for a second to find love, warmth, happiness and excitement. So I did what I do best and capture their emotions throughout the time we spent together.

I've gotta be honest here... Both Brittany and Brad tried very hard to stop giggling. We were able to take a few serious photographs, here is one... Although, I can tell you that Brad is about to burst in laughter in a second.
Successful. Young. In love. There is nothing holding this beautiful couple from taking off!
This one is one of my favorites... This is one of the moments where they took a breather from having fun and forget about everything. I felt as if everything around them vanished... There was only pure love.
OK... Don't get too emotional, we're gonna stick to the general theme and finish with the shots they have requested. I am extremely excited to spend another afternoon and an evening with Brittany and Brad! I look forward to document your wedding guys!


  1. Karim, you never cease to amaze me! The above photos are absolutely beautiful!

  2. Beautiful couple having fun. In love and excited about their future together. My sweeties! Love them! Mommy