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Friday, April 27, 2012

Rosine & Ronnie

Are you ready to witness the wedding of another cute couple?

Meet Rosine and Ronnie.
Rosine and Ronnie chose March 17, 2012 as their wedding day. This couple who is a part of a close-knit group of friends who know how to party hit two birds with a stone and celebrated St. Patrick's Day while they were tying the knot.

Let's get a few details out of the way, before we start partying with them... The bouquet, the hardware, the shoes...

The girls started their day getting ready. There was a lot of chit-chat, laughter, food. And right before jumping in the limo, they posed for this lucky photographer.

On the boys side there was booze and music.

On the second floor of the church, in the bride's room, right before the ceremony, the excitement was peaking and the girls were all smiles.

And then there was the lovely ceremony. A shower of rose petals while they were kissing and a slow walk where the couple enjoyed the first moments of their marriage and appreciated the presence of friends and family.

I will leave you with the party pictures. Here is the couple's first dance. It looks like they really don't care where they are! Good for them! :D

The cake cutting was apparently so much fun for these two :D

Bird's eye! :D

And here's how they kicked off the "Money Dance" :D

I will leave you in the company of these 4 lovely ladies in black. Sorry guys, all four of them are taken! :D