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Friday, January 20, 2012


This week, I wanted to share some of my portrait work. This varies from headshots to baby portraits, from corporate portraits to music band shots. I will not get into the engagement shoots as they are a little different in my opinion and I regularly share those with you anyways.
As mentioned, there are many different kinds of portraiture... There is the headshot...

There is also the 3/4 shot or the body shot, as seen on the photo on the right below... In the film world they also call that "cowboy"...

The headshot has to make an impression without misrepresenting the talent. The last thing you want is to be called on an audition because of a photograph that doesn't look like you. Some actors go for the general feel of "theatrical vs commercial" and some prefer "character" shots. In my opinion, the one left to the 3/4 shot above could be considered theatrical, but also it can be seen as a character shot.
I also love the "negative space": landscape headshots!

Then, there are the professional ones. A corporate headshot, or a professional portrait for your business, whatever that may be...

All of the portrait sessions have their challenging side and their fun side. The connection between the photographer and the model is a funny one. If the photographer already know the model, than the fun starts almost immediately. If they don't know each other, than there might be a few warm up clicks, but it is always up to the photographer to get his/her subject loose. With one exception... The inevitable, ridiculously fun and cute baby portraits... The photographer may require the help of mommy :D

I love portrait sessions with actors who do know what they want, who they are and how they would like to market their talent. But my favorite ones are with other creative artists. The following photographs are of a Los Angeles based band (Elevaters), a Los Angeles based DJ duo (Ace & Amir), a musician/designer who is showing off his own collection (Joshua Hill), my partner in crime (Jen Castle), another musican (Novena Carmel) and an actress (Tami Goveia).

I hope you enjoyed the samples. If you live in Los Angeles area and you need headshots, professional or family portraits, email me or call me (my number is above, on the menu bar) and tell me your favorite photograph of this blog and we'll book a session and you'll get a discount! :D See you next week!

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