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Friday, August 5, 2011

A Trip Back to Film Days Part 2

I have been organizing and archiving prints and digitals alike and I wanted to share a few of my photographs from the last few print days I had in the beginning of this century. Again, as in the first revisit of prints blog I had a few months back, the prints are not new and the scans are not high quality.
For no particular reason, the selection consists of 6 photographs taken in two different location.
The first 4 were taken in Çanakkale, Turkey where my family has a small holding. Although I cannot visit there as much as I would like to, here are a few pictures I took when we were there in 2002.

Tons of street dogs in the village. Here is one of them.

Black and white high speed film is one of my favorite things to shoot with and I really miss it sometimes.

I call this one "Agean Blue vs. Aging Blue". The Agean Sea in the back and the old little boat on the beach. This really makes me want to go back there, like NOW! :o)

The last two are from one of my trips to Seattle... I believe it was 2004. I really need a new and better scanner!

See you next Friday!


  1. Great photos Kerem. Those make me get a camera, go out and take pictures of anything. Thanks for inspiring me.

  2. You were always perfect with capturing textures.