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Friday, July 15, 2011

Amy & Reid's Wedding

It is wedding season and I had the pleasure to photograph Amy and Reid's wedding last week. The ceremony and the reception took place in a fantastic mansion in Laguna Hills and the party was wild! More on that later...

First, let me share a few classic shots...

Meet Amy... Ooops, I should have knocked. Let's let her finish getting ready first...

OK, here we go... Meet Amy!

Amy and Reid are madly in love. They are both from Southern California, yet they met in Michigan, where they both moved several years ago. They have been together for 3 years and they are both working in fitness... Together... So, they are always together and they truly complete each other. Before we proceed to the ceremony, I would like to mention that all the guests received a Livestrong bracelet. Not only does this little gift fit the couple's life style, but it is also their support of a great cause.

And the lovely ceremony with the 16-person wedding party, which included all the siblings!

Please welcome the newly wed couple...

I think anybody who loves movies would guess where I got my inspiration for this shot...

Let's include the immediate families to the wedding party and let's get to the real party, shall we?

I'm going to share only a few pictures, but I can tell you that, pretty much right after the dinner and the first traditional dances, the high-heels came off and everyone was on the dance floor... Most of the girls were prepared and had their flip-flops.

These guys definitely knew how to party and it was a fantastic night for me to document.

I wish the newly-wed couple a very happy, healthy and successful life! Keep the love going guys! :D

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