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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Because you have asked for more.

Many of you yelled at me via email, facebook and twitter. I even received a comment about more pictures of my baby daughter. Although I would like to keep the blog eclectic, I had to cave in to the pressure and share the following. All the pictures you see are in chronological order. Enjoy :o)

Below picture was taken by my wife.

And a little something from a fellow photographer, Aunt Jennifer who came to the hospital on the day Vivienne was born and graciously landed her talented eye on our little angel and shot these gorgeous pictures and prepare a lovely slideshow for us. We are so grateful for her being there and capturing these pictures while I was busy supporting my wife, changing diapers and clipping the newborn's finger nails!


  1. Brings tears to my eyes...lovely Kerem & Jen!!!
    So lovely!!!!


  2. Precious!!!
    Much love.
    Sev Cameron

  3. Lovely little girl. Thank you so much for sharing her beauty with us. Enjoy every moment.

  4. I can't say I didn't tear up a little :)
    so adorable, such a gift!