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Friday, February 11, 2011

A fish in a pond

I was down in Newport Beach for a corporate headshot session last Wednesday and we were shooting on location, in an office and in the little courtyard of the office building.

During wardrobe changes, I was looking around to find something to keep me busy, and the nice fountain in the middle of the courtyard caught my attention. It was a big circle of pebbles, and water was streaming inwards from tens of little faucets forming many arcs and falling close to the center.

Under these water arcs, on either side of the inner circle formed by the falling water, there were two fish statues.

I started to take a few pictures from different angles, but the water stream was bothering me as no matter what angle I would take the picture, at least one stream of water would "cut" the fish and the openings in between the streams were not large enough for my lens to pass in between without getting it wet and I wasn't willing to go back to the office to get my zoom lens. What if I only had this one lens with me?!

Nevertheless, as I really wanted to have a closer shot of the statue, I found the largest opening at an acceptable angle. I carefully put my lens thru the stream, making sure I was wetting only the hood of the lens and not the lens itself. That particular lens is a bit expensive, ya know?...

Was it worth it? You tell me. :o)

Also, I heard that some of you had problems leaving comments on this blog page. Would you be willing to email me and let me know?

Thank you!


  1. The color of the fish combined with the light patterns are incredible. WELL DONE! You have such a unique style:) Can't wait to see more! Have you thought of doing underwater photography?

  2. the last pic was well worth a wet lens hood! gorgeous!

  3. I love the energy of the water in the last picture!

  4. I like this blog very much. The golden fish is amazing and nice. Love it....