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Friday, December 3, 2010

Published pics....

One of my photographs got published in the current issue of OK magazine, and I just wanted to revisit the other 2 published photos.

The links to the old ones may or may not work now or in the future, so snapped the screen captures of them :o)

The first one is the oldest one that was published in a Turkish Newspaper, it was the news of Fahir Ataka─člu and  Sertab Erener's US concerts.

The second one was about a wine bar in Echo Park. You can see some other pictures from that shoot on the City Sip issue of my blog. Highly recommended by the way! It's a gorgeous place with great food and a great selection of wine! Check them out here!

And the last one is the most recent one from last month's Corum shoot. Adrian Grenier from Entourage in front of the Corum's boutique.

See you next week!

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