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Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Visitors

No, I am not talking about ABC's sci-fi series....

I have been busy unpacking and organizing and decorating my office while a busy work and social schedule kept me apart from my blog.

In the mean time, one early evening, as I was leaving home, I saw an interestingly shaped stick on the screen door and when I touched it, it moved.

It's about an inch long.

Then there is this little guy who is camping on the stairs. We think his/her nest is on the tree next to the stairs. At first we thought he/she was hurt, but when Jennifer tried to hold her, he/she flew. And it he/she looked fine... He/she is somewhat nervous when we are coming up and down the stairs, but not enough to move or to fly away.

In fact, My lens was only a few inches a way from him/her when I took the third picture.