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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Cate & Amir at Salton Sea

As I promised last week, there is more Salton Sea... This time, however, I had two hot models under the hot desert sun and my hot wife was there to help me as well! She snapped this picture while we were preparing the scene and the lights for the first set-up.

Amir and I have been preparing for this shoot and brainstorming the ideas for a while now... I leave all interpretations to you.

My partner in crime...

After the abondoned cabins, we went back to Bombay Beach...

Amir needed some solo shots...

After a long drive, longer shoot under the hot desert sun, on our way back to LA, we stopped at a diner and enjoyed a nice lunch...

See you next week with another adventure!


  1. Every Friday i look forward seeing them thanks Keremcim!!!as always absolutely fab!!!!
    Till next Friday!!

  2. I love this post! The 8th photo is my favorite!!! Looks like a Gucci ad. Great stuff!!!!