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Friday, May 21, 2010

Evren Edler Quintet

Last Monday night, we took the Metro to Downtown Los Angeles and found ourselves at the 2nd Street Jazz Club to enjoy a fantastic night of great jazz music and killer martinis.

The band was Evren Edler Quintet.  I have been following Evren Edler for a long time now and although I always liked his music, lately he is impressing me more and more. I had the opportunity to see him live twice in the last few months and I highly recommend you to catch him whenever he plays.

The band played some fantastic covers as well as mind-blowing originals by Evren Edler and Emir Isilay. Emir's talent on the keyboards cannot be described, you really have to see it.

Matt Starr has been collaborating with Edler for a while now, and I had an opportunity to listen the duo backing a singer/songwriter a few years back, although the music was way different, the playful improvisations were always present.

I had the pleasure to see both guitarist Andrew Campbell and sax player Nate Ketner for the first time and they were up where the other three musicians are. This was a fantastic feast of fine jazz on a lovely Monday night!

Here are a few more pictures from that night.

Last, but not the least, an audio-visual treat for my lovelies :o) This is the first time I used the video option of my camera, it gets blurry here and there, but the music is just awesome, so watch/listen to this :o)

As usual, I am always happy to hear your thoughts!


  1. dude GREAT photography...not sure about that guitar player, but very nice!

  2. As usual, I love your photos and you remind me there is SO much life I am missing out there! Fantastic Kerem!

  3. Awesome Job Kerem, we will have to do this @ Nibiru Gigs as well :)